Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning: How It Can Help Seniors and their Loved Ones

With the increasing likelihood of living into our 80’s and beyond, coupled with all the health care uncertainties we face today, it’s more important than ever that families plan ahead for the challenges that you or your elderly loved one may face. The current COVID-19 pandemic has added a whole layer of complexity to an already tremendously challenging and stressful set of decision-making for our seniors. Life Care Planning can answer a myriad of legal and financial questions, address long-term care concerns and provide valuable peace of mind.

Life Care Planning is a revolutionary and holistic way to respond to the challenges of living longer, focusing on asset protection, qualifying for public benefits, care coordination, education, advocacy, and crisis intervention in one comprehensive package. Fendrick Morgan’s Life Care Planning services have been in place for over three years now and our team of attorneys and Nancy Carman, MA, CMC, our Elder Care Coordinator, have helped hundreds of seniors and their families successfully navigate the unexpected twists and turns of long-term care, whether at home, in assisted living or in a nursing home setting.

A Life Care Plan begins with an in-depth consultation with one of our Partners, Doug Fendrick, Esq. or Jamie Morgan, Esq., and our Elder Care Coordinator, Nancy Carman. Together, we work to determine an individual’s unique legal needs; including, but not limited to, ensuring all legal documents are in place, implementing any steps that may be appropriate to preserve assets, and undertaking Medicaid planning, when appropriate. Additionally, Nancy works with the seniors and their families to complete a care assessment, which is then used as a guide to address current and future care needs.

In providing Life Care Planning, we can help you accomplish the following:

  • Assist your family to identify and secure appropriate care sooner so that you or your loved one can age with dignity and independence and, in some cases, delay transition to a nursing home.
  • If a transition to a residential setting is, or becomes, appropriate, we can help identify the appropriate care facility, whether that be in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.
  • Advocate on your behalf, or on behalf of your senior loved one, with your care providers to ensure that the care being provided is the best it can be.
  • Grant your senior loved one peace of mind, knowing that they are supported and guided by our professional staff and that assets are protected to the greatest extent possible.
  • Provide family caregivers with relief from all of the burdens of care coordination, a daunting task that takes loved ones into unfamiliar territory and imposes an overwhelming responsibility.
  • Empower your loved ones with support, education, and a “lifeline” for guidance through every aspect of your legal, medical and long-term care path.

By engaging our firm for Life Care Planning services, you can have the comfort that the annual flat fee allows you to call us whenever there is a concern, question or decision to be made regarding care needs, without worrying about extra fees. An added benefit is your ability to renew these Life Care Planning services annually at a much-reduced cost.

If you think that you or a loved one might benefit from Life Care Planning services and our holistic approach to care planning, please call our office to schedule a consultation. We offer virtual Zoom, telephone, and socially distanced in-office consultations, depending upon the individual client situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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