Life Care Planning

We help clients find and fund the right future care, while serving to protect their assets.

We Handle Life Care Planning A Little Bit Differently

The past decade has seen significant improvements in medical research and healthcare. The average life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.8 years, and many life insurance policies now stretch to 120 years. It is safe to say that people are living longer than ever. But what happens as we age and experience chronic illness or disability? Aging can have a drastic impact on health, mobility, finances, housing, and subsequently, levels of stress.

Fendrick Morgan offers Plans for Life Care to help our clients address often-complex issues associated with aging with dignity and to resolve problems caused by the high-cost of long-term care. We actively collaborate with our senior clients and their loved ones to reduce the unnecessary stress that can occur without a plan.

A Life Care Plan is the foundation of our elder-centered law practice. It enables our clients to identify present and future needs and to plan for care, to avoid crisis. We help clients find and fund the right future care, while serving to protect their assets. The senior’s funds are applied to maximize quality of life during his or her Golden Years.

Life Care Planning helps to:

  • Identify sources to help pay for long-term care to avoid worry before care is needed;
  • Ensure that you or your loved one receives high-quality care, either in the home or in a residential facility, that can maintain a desired quality of life;
  • Create peace of mind for families that their loved one will be properly cared for and that they, too, may maintain quality of life.
    Protect your assets for the benefit of a surviving spouse or children.

Plan Your Future through Life Care Planning

Unlike many firms that produce a plan and leave it to you to figure out the rest, Fendrick Morgan takes a holistic approach to finding and coordinating care, providing for both Life Care planning and administration.

We are a team of knowledgeable and seasoned attorneys and professionals, but above all, we are people with families of our own. We recognize that compassion is equally as important as planning.

Our integrated team also includes our highly trained and reputable in-house Elder Care Coordinator, Jessica Curtis. With over 16 years of experience as an elder care social worker in several capacities. She has extensive knowledge in sub-acute rehab, long-term care, assisted living, memory care, adult day, in-home care, and hospice care.

At Fendrick Morgan, we believe in listening to you, above all, and learning about your unique needs. We skip the legal jargon and explain all relevant information in a manner that is understood easily. We have your best interest at heart and are dedicated to producing a customized plan for each senior, one that meets his or her specific needs.

How does a Life Care Plan protect seniors and their families?

  • Make sure proper legal documents are in place
  • Prepare Irrevocable Trusts to protect assets
  • Advise family as to long term care services available
  • Advise clients on Veteran’s benefits
  • Care coordination for seniors
  • Advise as to appropriate benefits available

Our elder law attorneys develop a plan of action that will address the legal, financial, housing and long-term care as well as relevant health care issues.

Why have a Life Care Plan?

Do not wait until you require help to obtain a Life Care Plan. A Life Care Plan serves to help both immediate and expanding care needs:

  • Normal Effects of Aging
  • Severe Injury
  • Illness
  • Conditions Impacting Self-Reliance
  • Permanent Disability

It is important that each of us recognize the realities of aging. You hold the power to lead the way proactively for you and your loved ones. Allow us to help you along the way. Contact us today to learn more about the coordination, care and advocacy that you may need and deserve.

Life requires planning…how we can help

Our clients lead busy lives and have limited time to devote to researching the best services and facilities that our loved ones may need. Further, so many families no longer live in the same city, creating an extra level of difficulty to attend and participate actively in our loved one’s health care. By partnering with our elder care coordinator, everyone in the family can rest easy and be assured that your loved ones are receiving not only the best legal counsel but also the best guidance to allow him or her to age with dignity and the highest quality of life.

Contact us today to learn more how we can support your family.

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