Providing Estate Planning & Life Care Planning services in Haddonfield, NJ for over 20 years

We first listen to you and your loved one’s concerns, needs and desires. Then, relying upon our extensive education and experience, our seasoned estate planning and elder law attorneys create the appropriate vehicles to achieve your goals and objectives. We evaluate these factors when developing a strategy that ensures your assets are well protected during your lifetime, and beyond.

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Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ

The attorneys at Fendrick Morgan concentrate their practices exclusively in the areas of estate planning, estate administration and elder law. We work carefully with each and every client to customize a plan that works best for them and their family. Every client is different, and every client has their own issues and objectives. At Fendrick Morgan, we pride ourselves on listening to each client and then taking care to tailor each client’s plan to their specific circumstance and need.

Life Care Planning in Haddonfield, NJ

Life Care Planning is the foundation of our elder-centered law practice. It enables our clients in Haddonfield, NJ to identify present and future needs and to plan for care, to avoid crisis. We help clients find and fund the right future care, while serving to protect their assets. The senior’s funds are applied to maximize quality of life during his or her Golden Years.

Life Care Planning helps to:

  • Identify sources to help pay for long-term care to avoid worry before care is needed;
  • Ensure that you or your loved one receives high-quality care, either in the home or in a residential facility, that can maintain a desired quality of life;
  • Create peace of mind for families that their loved one will be properly cared for and that they, too, may maintain quality of life;
  • Protect your assets for the benefit of a surviving spouse or children.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The Fendrick Morgan team is caring, compassionate, and enjoys helping bring peace of mind to their clients and their loved ones in Haddonfield, NJ. Sometimes, our clients take the time to share with us their positive experience with our firm and our services.

Medicaid Planning Attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ

Our approach to Medicaid Planning is to combine our years of experience with skillful and creative drafting to produce a customized plan for each client in Haddonfield, NJ that best meets their individual needs. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your unique family and financial situation. Based on this evaluation, we provide medicaid planning recommendations designed to preserve your estate for your spouse and heirs, to the greatest extent possible.

Some benefits of Medicaid Planing:

  • Avoid dissipation of life-long savings and protect assets from nursing home and assisted living expenses;
  • Allow the surviving spouse to maintain his or her standard of living;
  • Appoint an individual to assist with financial affairs and end-of-life medical decisions;
  • Plan and allocate finances for current and future medical residential needs.

Certified Elder Law Attorney in Haddonfield, NJ

Elder law attorney Douglas A. Fendrick is certified by the Board of Certification of the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), a non-profit organization, which is devoted to developing and improving the professional competence of lawyers focused in elder law and special needs planning.

By choosing a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) in Haddonfield, NJ, you can be assured that you are receiving expert advice from a uniquely trained lawyer who has demonstrated his/her commitment to you, the client, by pursuing certification.