Elder Law Planning

Fendrick Morgan’s elder law attorneys help clients navigate the maze of rules and regulations, and resolve the legal and financial challenges.

Elder Law Planning Solutions That Are Unique To Each Client

Growing older isn’t always easy, but Fendrick Morgan knows that it doesn’t need to be difficult. As we age, many new questions present themselves that we have never had to consider before. As the years roll on, many questions arise to ensure our loved ones age with dignity and a high quality of life. In addition to estate planning, we must also consider our long-term care and asset preservation, as well as the family dynamics and issues that surround them.

Not only does our team care deeply about your potential legal issues, but we also give great thought to the medical, financial, social and familial issues that aging presents. Our Elder Law practice derives its foundation from placing the greatest emphasis on maintaining the highest quality of life for our clients and their loved ones.

Life requires planning…how we can help

We may know that planning is a necessity, but how do we go about it? Fendrick Morgan works with individuals closely to systematically plan for the future. Whether for our parents or ourselves, the best step is to be proactive. We will discuss your future and walk you through the process of various issues that may arise.

As we age, establishing decisions such as a Health Care Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney are no longer only critical. Designating someone to make medical or financial decisions for us should we become incapacitated, becomes necessary. Today, a senior citizen (aged 65 or older) has a one-in-four probability of spending time in a rehab, assisted living or nursing home facility.

It is so important to plan for our future, which includes Health Care POAs and Durable General POAs, while we have the capacity to make sound decisions. From Guardianships to Disability planning, POAs to asset protection, the Fendrick Morgan team provides the greatest service to those who are proactive and plan ahead. We should all be aware of the issues that we will confront at some point, even if we are not there yet.

Provide for an Easier Future

Senior clients have different needs and concerns relative to their planning than do their younger counterparts. Elder law planning with Fendrick Morgan places an emphasis on those needs and concerns. One of these concerns includes protecting assets from the costs of long-term care.

Whether being cared for in a nursing home, assisted living center or at home, long-term care can both be financially and emotionally draining. Assets must be considered in light of estate tax, income tax, Medicaid and long-term care. Though it isn’t easy to consider what will happen to our assets and our loved ones after we pass, it is an unfortunate reality. Documents such as Wills and, where applicable, Trusts, help to govern issues including distribution of assets and management of our affairs, ensuring that wishes are met, and eliminating potential for familial upheaval caused by decision-making and family dynamics.

Don’t wait until you must confront these issues to plan for them. Contact the Fendrick Morgan team today so we may help you prepare for the future, one decision at a time.

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Why Select a CELA

The Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) certification has frequently been referred to as “the gold standard” for elder law and special needs practitioners.