Estate & Trust Administration

We work with clients who face the complexities that surround the administration of your loved one’s estate.

We Work With You to Simplify the Estate and Trust Administration Process

When a loved one passes away, it can be extremely difficult for surviving family members. At such an emotionally charged time, making legal decisions may become overwhelming, but still requires attention. That is why it is so important to work with professionals who understand what it means to grieve the death of a loved one while facing the challenging issues that lie ahead.

At Fendrick Morgan, we understand just that. We work with clients who face the complexities that surround the administration of your loved one’s estate. We help our clients to navigate these trying times, providing advice and counsel on all aspects of estate administration in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

How We Can Help

We help to demystify the process to administer an estate. Dependent upon whether your departed loved one had drafted a Will, we can help you review the document, advice on its validity and help to resolve any issues that it may present.

If your loved one had not drafted a Will, our seasoned estates lawyers can discuss with you pertinent issues, which may arise: who should be appointed to administer the estate, how will the assets be distributed and how will the appropriate taxes by paid?

After an Administrator has been appointed, he or she may sign release forms that provides our attorneys with the authority to request necessary financial information to begin the administration process. There are numerous legal, business and real estate-related tasks, which must be addressed to settle an estate and our team works closely with our clients to educate them to the processes and reduce the stress that invariably arises.

Our team, which has handled estate and trust administration matters for over 20 years, continues to expand. In addition to our legal team, Fendrick Morgan also employs a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is available to assist throughout the estate administration process. We work best as a team, both internally and with our clients. We believe you will agree, once you experience the integrated approach.

What Are Our Goals for You?

  • Preparation of income tax return for the estate and/or trust as well as decedent’s final income tax return;
  • Guide surviving family member(s), Executor and/or Trustee through the many issues which must be addressed after the death of a loved one;
  • Advise surviving family member(s), Executor and/or Trustee regarding the federal, state, and local tax requirements;
  • Advise Executor through the probate process, assisting with asset distribution;
  • Ensure all estate, inheritance and fiduciary tax returns and IRS documents are prepared and filed;
  • Minimize taxes through post-mortem tax planning.

Life requires planning…how can we help you achieve these goals?

  • Ensure that all probate requirements are satisfied
  • Obtain tax ID numbers
  • Establish the value of estate assets
  • Analyze post-mortem planning options
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Transfer assets into the appropriate names
  • Prepare deeds
  • Prepare Release and Refunding Bonds
  • Prepare the Executor’s final accounting

Ease the Difficulty of the Administration Process

We understand that as Executor or Administrator of an estate, you may lack the time and requisite understanding to address all that is required to settle the estate appropriately. We know that you will need and deserve expert accounting and tax advice for a quick closure of the estate. Fendrick Morgan’s compassionate team understands deeply the emotional toll such a situation can take. Our team at Fendrick Morgan works to help the administration process be as easy and straightforward as possible for everyone involved.

Contact us today to learn more of how we may help you in the Executor or Trustee capacity. We will listen first to your concerns and advise of the steps, which must be taken to fulfill the Administrator duties to avoid personal liability.

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