You’re Invited to Attend One of Our Free Educational Seminars

Fendrick & Morgan invites you, your clients, and/or your loved ones to attend one of our three complementary seminars during the week of May 13th. During these seminars, we will discuss, among other things, the changes to the estate tax laws, asset preservation from long-term care costs, and keeping assets in your bloodlines.

At Fendrick Morgan, LLC, we see the changing estate tax landscape as affording us an opportunity to plan without, in many cases, being beholden to overly restrictive estate tax laws. Additionally, as our clients live longer than ever before, we are increasingly concerned about helping our clients plan for their senior years, both in terms of care considerations and asset preservation. We hope you will join us, and bring clients, family or friends, to learn what we are doing now to help our clients in this new era of planning.

Please join us as we discuss:

  • The legal documents you need in place to be sure your assets
    pass to your desired beneficiaries.
  • How to keep your assets in your bloodline.
  • How to protect your assets from long term care.
  • How the current death taxes affect your family.

Our Seminars are offered as follows:

515 Fellowship Rd., North, Mt. Laurel
MONDAY, MAY 13, 6:30 – 8:30PM

1100 Kings Highway, North, Cherry Hill
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 3 – 5PM and FRIDAY, MAY 17, 10AM– 12PM

Call or email to reserve your spot today.
856-489-8388 or

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